Know When it's Time to Go!

See your Classroom status update while you teach!

Student No Show in yellow You no longer have to open (and keep refreshing!) a second window just to see if your class was canceled. Teacher's Pet displays and updates your Classroom status right in your Classroom!

Display your Students' unique Student ID's!

Teacher's Pet iconIf you keep your own student records, (and you should), there are two basic problems with the student names: They're not unique for each student, (i.e., "Which Bao Bao is which?"), plus they occasionally change.

With Teacher's Pet, now you can see the unique Student ID on the Classrooms overview page. This is underlined when they're "new to me".

multiple students with same name

Do you teach PreVIP? (Level One)

Now the song buttons are displayed before class, (when they're actually useful).


The Classrooms tab now expands to make full use of your browser's width, for improved clarity. Various abbreviations are made and the original screen is altered very slightly for a more compact presentation. If your screen has the space, you no longer have to deal with the odd double-line displays.

multiple students with same name

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Note: I do not represent VIPKID management in ANY form or fashion! I'm just a teacher, like you, trying to make things better for all of us.

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Teacher's Pet was written by: Vladimir Victorov and David Beroff
Commissioned by: David Beroff
For any questions: David (at) Beroff (dot) com